MIPTV, MIPCube, MIPDoc and MIPFormats 2013

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  • Speaker

    Co-founder and CEO of transmedia production company

    Nuno Bernardo is an award winning and Emmy nominated Transmedia writer and producer and the creator of the world’s first international interactive on-line teen series, Sofia’s Diary. He’s also creator of the award winning Transmedia series Flatmates, Aisling’s Diary, Beat Generation and Final Punishment, produced in Brazil for OITV. In North America he is an executive producer for prime-time TV Series, including “The Weight” featuring Linda Hamilton, and “Living in Your Car” for HBO Canada. He’s also the co-producer of the upcoming feature films “Beat Girl” and “The Knot” featuring Mena Suvari and Noel Clarke.

    About beActive
    beActive is an award-winning Film, TV and Transmedia production company, experienced in developing, producing and distributing entertainment content across multiple platforms. With a decade of experience in international co-productions, multi-platform content production, format development, and licensing, the company is in the vanguard of next generation entertainment.

    beActive has offices in Lisbon, Dublin, London and São Paulo in Brazil.

    Session(s) featuring Nuno BERNARDO

    Saturday, 31st March 2012 from 10:10 am to 11:10 am


    Meet one-to-one transmedia moguls who are experimentin ...