MIPTV, MIPCube, MIPDoc and MIPFormats 2013

  • The MIPTV programme includes the Media Mastermind Keynote Series, the Producers’ Hub & Co-production Summit, the Brands and Content focus, competitions, matchmaking and networking events, and the red-carpet World Premiere TV Screenings. Innovation is at the heart of MIPTV with MIPCube programme. MIPTV Programme at-a-glance.

    The MIPDoc programme focuses on co-financing and co-production: MIPDoc Programme at-a-glance

    The MIPFormats programme features the most innovative concepts worldwide: MIPFormats programme at-a-glance

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    Saturday, 31st March 2012 from 9:15 am to 9:55 am

    Conference Palais des Festivals, Room Redac 1, Level 3

    During the next year digital will play an increasing role in the formats business. MIPFormats has pulled together leading players from the tech sector to outline the key changes in 2012 and suggest how format creators, distributors and broadcasters can use tech to enhance their propositions.

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    Jonathan LAOR Jonathan LAOR

    Mark Rowland is a TV producer and media entrepreneur.
    Mark started his career as a BBC journalist, launched the international TV producer and distributor, Mentorn International and took Supernanny into the USA with Ricochet. Currently his company, Indie TV, is working with social media companies on new reality TV formats that learn from how people are really behaving online.
    Mark is equally active in the world of social media, as a director of two fast-growing companies: Digital Playspace in Los Angeles and Utinni Games in London.
    The latter has just launched the Being Human Facebook game, based on the hit TV series, in collaboration with Zodiak Active.
    Mark is also non-executive chairman of C21Media.

    Martin BRYANT Martin BRYANT
    THE NEXT WEB | Managing Editor

    Martin Bryant is Managing Editor at The Next Web, a leading online publication covering Internet technology, business and culture.
    Martin has a particular interest in European startups, and spends much time travelling the continent to meet the people behind the technologies that will shape the future. A Broadcasting graduate, he has a passion for media and closely follows traditional media organizations' shifts online and the startups looking to disrupt them."


    C21MEDIA | Editor-in-Chief & Managing Director

    David Jenkinson is an award-winning journalist, content technologist and multiplatform publisher. Having held senior editorial positions at Haymarket, International Thomson, EMAP and Cahners’ Moving Pictures International, he created and co-founded C21Media in 1997, one of the world’s first internet publishing businesses. For more than a decade C21 has defined new content models, supported by a traditional publishing portfolio, while positioning itself at the heart of the online content revolution. C21Media.net now attracts more than 60,000 unique visitors each month and has consolidated a position as Home to The International Entertainment Community. Prior to launching C21Media Jenkinson was editor-in-chief of Moving Pictures International, running daily, weekly and monthly publications within the film business. He led EMAP’s TV World to win the prestigious PPA International Business Magazine of the Year award in 1993, and worked as part of the senior editorial management team at International Thomson. In 1997, alongside C21Media, he co-founded creative agency Dri Riser developing brand and creative strategy for a range of media and entertainment clients. He has a degree in Communications.